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Youlande Prinsloo, our Managing Director writes weekly for Media 24 – Sake 24 in Beeld and Rapport regarding Labour Law in the workplace since October 2011 and is also a regular guest speaker on RSG talking on air regarding Labour Law issues.

Assisted by Natasha Weldon and the Y-Labour Team.

Neels Erasmus
Private Investigator with PSIRA
International Certified Psychological Stress Analyst PSE (Voice Stress Analysis)

Busy working on a TV series regarding Labour Law in the workplace!

We guarantee a professional and satisfying service for all your labour problems and enquiries. Be assured that we will put your business’s interest first at all times and that we will go the extra mile to keep you satisfied and your business safe from labour disputes and risks.

We will remove the risks associated with the employment of staff and will assist clients to increase productivity and to manage performance of staff. We deal with trade unions on behalf of our clients and also assist with disciplinary and all other problematic aspects regarding employment legislation. We can assist any size business in any industry. We deal firmly and fairly with employees and unions.

Labour Legislation is comprehensively applied and strictly policed in this country and for businesses to operate within the Law they require an in-depth and on-going knowledge of the full spectrum of new and existing Labour Laws and for that reason we would be honoured to be your professional partner of choice for all your labour problems, enquiries and inquiries.

We guarantee a professional and satisfying service to all your labour problems and inquiries and enquiries at all time.

If we dismiss an employee on behalf of an employer at a disciplinary hearing and the matter is referred to the CCMA and an award is made against the employer in the unlikely event that Y Labour(Pty)Ltd did not follow the correct procedure at the disciplinary hearing, then in that instance, we will accept full responsibility.

SASLAW: Y-Labour (Pty)Ltd is a member of SASLAW (South African Society of Labour Law)
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